Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Years 2012!

A little early for the New Year but excited all the same!
Trying out my new polishes!

My Sis's nails!
My sister-in-law has been growing her nails for the last 3 weeks just so she can have them painted.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas! 2011

I'm pretty excited about the holidays coming up! It means I get to spend time with my family and paint my nails all x-masy... :-)

I started out with CANDY! I thought these came out cute but it shows I need to work on making straighter lines.  LOL

My sister started off her holiday nail cheer with X-Mas Lights.  I had seen another set of light nails done on a semi transparent white & I had a hard time thinking of some other color to use.  I liked the gold she used.

My sis did a REDO of her X-mas Lights with a red french tip.

but NOT before she painted Snowflakes on Ma...

But they were just too quick for me. I finally finished my Snowflakes...

My Sis's Winter Wonderland

 My snowflakes lasted so long, but I finally repainted them.
I just had a hart time deciding what to do so I did a bunch!

But my sister still beat me with her gifts!
She also had a request from a friend to paint hers. :) Considering she did it without a fine tip brush, I think it is an awesome job!

 Snow! By my Sis.

Snowman by Me!

Holly by my Sis!

Gifts by Me!