Friday, October 28, 2011

What got me started....

My mom, sisters and I had a wounderful opportunity to co-host a baby
shower for one of our dear friends.  The day before the shower,
 my sister was going to paint her nails, I wanted mine painted, mom
wanted her toe nails done, Grandma wanted hers to match her
blouse she had just purchased. So, why not! We spent some time getting it done. 
We wanted some really coooool ideas so my sister & I looked up
some on Pinterest. These are what we came up with.
Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of Grandma's nails.
Alternating black & purple with various sized dots.

Black base w/ green zebra.
Red base with black & white plaid.


My sister-in-law had suggested I paint a pumpkin since
Halloween was comming up, thought it was a great idea!
 But it just wasn't up to my standards. :(
So I stuck with an orange base with black tips, silver glitter line & a spider's web.
Right after I posed the web on facebook, my cousin
suggested I try candy corn, which my sister tried it out on her thumb.
 They each look really cool!

My Sister painted a friend's nails.


I liked how my pointer finger nail has the dots
in somewhat of a line, rather all sparatic like the other nails.
When I was painting these, I found it quite hard not to get the black polish
all over my cuticle. Rather than worry while I was painting, I waited until
all the polish was dry. Then I soaked my fingers in warm water for about 5 minutes.
Once they were soaked, the polish on my cuticle scraped right off with either my other
finger nail or a wooden cutitle stick.  I will definately have to try other colors...


I saw a video on youtube with someone using a toothpick for the
seeds of the strawberry but I just couldn't get it to work for me.
I found I could make smaller & cleaner lines if I had a clean
brush to work with so I emptied out one of my polishes,
cleaned it with remover.  Now I keep it filled with polish remover so
 the brush doesn't dry out or become crimped. 
This way, I can use any color of polish I have by placing a small dot of
polish on scratch paper & I paint from there.


Found a lot of interesting photos online on nails & I thought I
would try to mimic them.  Not bad for a first try.
This was my very first attempt at anything besides a solid base coat & sticker art.
After this, I realized I needed to buy an embossing tool so that I
could make better dots & practice a lot more...

I loved the way my sister's sunflowers turned out. The different background is better than my grey.