Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

A beating heart for my Valentine! I saw a similar version to this one, only it had a red base & pink heart. Since I'm not a fan of red, I used a glittery black base with my red heart.


I wanted to have a little fun with my stamping kit.
Lately my nails have been really strong. There have been many times where they should have broken, but they haven't, opening the dryer door, closing the car door...  I would like to guess and say it is because I have been using a nail hardner base coat & 3 top coats on all of my polish creations. Not only have my nails been strong, the polish has been lasting me for a week. I don't have any chips in my paint, only 1 or 2 worn down spots where the polish was thin. I'm curious if anyone else has had any success with their nails & the reasons why...